Khalid R. Kamal

Founding Partner

Khalid R. Kamal is an international attorney licensed to practice law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, New York, and Washington D.C., with specialization in international business transactions, national security law, and energy.

Mr. Kamal has worked for an international law firm in Washington D.C. for several years.

Mr. Kamal worked on complex legal matters in collaboration with the World Bank, the United Nations, and the European Union.


- Advised and coordinated on a major acquisition of nuclear energy plants in the United States.

- Advised and coordinated a private equity acquisition of water and wastewater plants across Texas and Arizona.

- Participated and advised on the restructuring of a family office for a high net worth individual. 

-Provided advisory services to a family office of a high net worth individual.

- Acted as independent-counsel to investigate safety and security violations at a nuclear energy plant in the United States.

- Advised on export control regulations of certain nuclear plant components through multiple jurisdictions.

- Advised a client on the transport of nuclear waste using ships crossing through international waters.

- Drafted testimony for a United States Congressional committee on nuclear energy related matters.

- Conducted a deep legal analysis of bilateral investment treaties for the World Bank Group, focusing on immigration provisions related to trade and investment.

Mr. Kamal holds both a Juris Doctor (JD) & Master of Laws (LL.M.) in National Security from Georgetown University.